SPOT 7 I’m Baaaaaaack!

I’m Baaaaaaack!



So where’ve I been?


Well let’s see I think I left off somewhere between planning a high school graduation party, college applications and a broken down laptop.  I’m sorry about that to anyone out there whio reads my blog….but I do have much to say because as usual our kids continue to provide me with plenty of good material!

We now have all three older kids off in college. I tell you that as I sit at work on my lunch hour devouring like my 50th bowl of cheap homemade vegetable soup in an effort to cut costs!  So many things have happened. Just to give you a glimpse at what life’s been like for us this past summer, I will be writing about the final tug between the kids Mom and Dad as we see the girls off to college; about a little brother and a Step Mom and a Dad going through a major adjustment period; about poor choices of room mates!  Both girls for heaven’s sake; about children who seem to have no real concept that money really doesn’t grow on trees; about shedding ourselves of old boyfriends and apparently any and everything that reminds us we even went to High School; about the kids Mother moving away but not real far away; about home sickness; about the twins moving their own separate ways at an all new level; about the continued tolerance required of us as parents at this time; about hurt feelings from a first home visit; about the fact that our nest just may not be emptying like we thought; about sororities; about regular home visits sort of; about being cut out; about difficulty making friends and facing truths about oneself; about learning to really stick up for yourself as a young adult… As I said, so much has happened this year so far and it isn’t even the end of their first quarter!!


So for any readers out there, please bear with me as I get some of these stories cranked out.  I’ll be continuing to post now that life is trying to settle back down just a tad, if it ever truly does that, and hey…I got a new Ipad!  wahoo!!!











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